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Private Dining - Booking Guide

Thank you for your interest in booking a private dining event with me. This document will guide you through how the process should look from start to finish. Hosting a Private Dining event for the first time might seem like a daunting really isn't, and  I'm here to guide you along the way and ensure that your event runs extremely smoothly

Initial Enquiry

I will inform you if your requested date is available or give you a list of available dates for you to choose from.

At this point, if you have any questions or specific requirements, please let me know. I will try to get back to you as soon as possible. If you are happy to go ahead, I will send you a link to an online booking form. Have a browse of the menus at to get a feel for what you might want. Bear in mind that my menus will vary depending on availability of seasonal ingredients. There is no hurry to decide just yet we can go over food choices  later.

Prior to the event

 Your date is secured once I have received your completed booking form and a deposit of £10.pp. Details for paying the deposit can be found in the booking form.

If another customer enquires about your date and you have not completed the above actions, I will offer you 48 hours to secure the date before making it available. I will send you an email or DM to confirm that you are booked in.

2 weeks before  I will be in touch by email to check that all is okay, and prompt you to have another look at my menus. At this point, I will need your final menu choices within the next 2-3 days so I can order your ingredients. If you would like to discuss the menu, we can arrange a phone call. PLEASE REMEMBER all guests are required to have the same menu choices. Trying to cook 4 different starters and 5 different main courses in a home kitchen with 1 person would be an impossible task. Amendments can be made for allergies and vegan/vegetarian choices so no need to worry on that front. I will also check kitchen specifications with you so that I can bring any equipment that may be required.

1 week prior to the event you will receive an invoice which, I kindly ask that the remaining balance be paid by bank transfer. This helps to pay suppliers of ingredients and I don’t have to chase people for money, which I feel takes the shine off your experience. 

On The Day

On the day • I will be in touch by email or phone to confirm all your details. This will include confirmation of your final menu choices,  I will aim to arrive around 1 hour before your requested start time, depending on how much on-site preparation is required (your menu choices and number of guests will dictate this).

Shortly before I arrive it would be helpful if you could set your table how you like it. I don't usually offer tableware but If you do require something special or different please speak to me in when you initially book and I may be able to help


Please preheat the oven to 180ºC. It will be a big help as some can take a while to heat up.

I can bring my own plates (unless you request otherwise), but I do not bring cutlery, glassware etc. Please bear in mind that we can wash cutlery for you in between courses – it is not expected that those eating a 7 course menu will have enough cutlery in their drawers! • When I arrive, I will ask you the easiest way to get to the kitchen, and I will unload my equipment. If you would like me to take my shoes off, please let me know!

I will need to use your oven, hob, sink and kettle, and possibly some pans depending on menu selected and number of guests. I will bring all other equipment with me. I use a cooler box for my chilled ingredients, but I may require some fridge or freezer space, which I will agree prior to the day

I love dogs and will always say hello to your pets! However, while I’m cooking, it would be helpful if pets could remain out of the kitchen – I might not notice them while I’m moving around frantically, and I would hate to trip over them or drop something hot/sharp on them. During service, I will try to get food out at a reasonable speed. With larger groups, this may take a little longer. • I’m more than happy to chat, and you’re welcome to take photos. • At the end of the evening, I will clean up and leave your kitchen as I found it.

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