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What's on offer?

There are a number of different offerings for you to choose from, but here's some of the more popular things to whet your appetite.

Virtual Cookalongs with James

Raw Beef Steak

Supper Club Events

Outdoor BBQ

Luxury Food & Golf Travel

Golf Course

Want a relaxed interactive cooking session learning to create something new. This is the perfect opportunity. Grab a glass of vino, your list of ingredients (I'll let you know beforehand) and follow along as we cook up something for you and your loved ones.

Fancy a casual night out with some friends? Want some top quality, tasty dishes? Well, then this is the perfect night for you. Our set menu supper clubs are a great way to socialise in a friendly relaxed environment while indulging your taste senses.

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I am currently in the process of creating my first Luxury Food and Golf Getaway. I will be headed to Italy with a small group, where we will play one of Italy's best courses. Indulge in some amazing meals out, learn some classic Italian cooking techniques and dishes as well as a wine tasting experience. If this sounds like something you might enjoy please contact me as spaces will be limited.

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